Saray Restaurant is the best address to taste the delicious dishes of the rich Turkish cuisine.

Saray Restaurant turns Turkish dishes into indispensable tastes by offering the most delicious ones throughout the country. We fulfill our most important duty by offering the rich menus our expert chefs elaborately prepare with dishes that you won’t forget its taste. We are a restaurant that has set a long line of goals in the food sector owing to our experience built up over years. 

Our company in Oslo who provides services for our citizens who miss Turkish dishes work to make you feel at home by ensuring that you are hosted in the best way as well as with the most delicious dishes. Our customers will reach both mental and a physical satisfaction from the moment they enter into our restaurant by fulfilling their longing for their home country. We are always at your service in Oslo as Saray Restaurant by providing the unique tastes of the Turkish cuisine which has made a distinguished name for itself on account of its name and smell. We are proud of being among the Turkish restaurants with one of the richest menus along with the most delicious types of kebab, pizzas, pita, several homemade foods, kid menus and deserts we offer. This honor takes the maximum quality to a restaurant you can access by developing our manner of work as well as the value we give to our customers.

We have come together to be a solution for our fellow citizens who has difficulty in finding the local Anatolian dishes or a restaurant with dishes prepared from different tastes prepared from every part of Anatolia. Our primary principle is to host our valued Turkish guests in Oslo in the best way.  

Our rich and tasty menu has come to a point where it attracts the attention of our customers as well as the people from every country.  We see that we really are doing this job with quality by telling the satisfaction of our foreign customers from their eyes who are trying Turkish cuisine for the first time and feel this pride. To be able to spread the values of our country in this way to different countries and cities are a huge source of pride for us.   

We are elaborately moving along from the preparation stage to the presentation stage of our dishes. Therefore, we are prioritizing hygiene at all costs and conduct our business carefully not to experience or cause any unpleasant situations. We are serving these unique dishes prepared by the experienced hands of our master chefs with our expert waiters and waitresses having high level of communication skills. A restaurant must not exist solely for cooking. Hosting the customers, presentation of the food and receiving both negative and positive feedback are among the priorities that make a restaurant a real flavor station. Therefore, we bid farewell with receiving a high satisfaction feedback to whoever comes to our restaurant by hosting them upon giving the same level of importance to everyone for many years. This satisfaction gives a different enthusiasm to work and causes us to attach to our work even more which enables us to work with a motivation to offer better services to you day by day.   

If you are also looking for places to taste quality Turkish dishes in Oslo, Saray Restaurant keeps its doors open for you at all times.